Transparent Plastic Bottles Are Popular

- Jul 06, 2017-

At present, there are many plastic bottles on the market, there are many kinds of plastic bottles, but the majority of consumers are also favored by a transparent plastic bottles of ordinary cosmetics, washing supplies packaging containers, the vast majority of high-density polyethylene. Transparent packaging with a transparent package and part of the transparent packaging, through the transparent packaging materials, part or all of the display of food products within the form, to allow buyers to directly see the food image, color and quality, both to reflect the natural beauty of goods, And easy to identify customers to buy. Such as transparent plastic food bottles, candy cans, bottles and so at a glance, so that consumers can not help but generous solution, sales straight up. As the transparent plastic bottle containers allow consumers to clearly see the contents, so consumers of transparent PP plastic bottle containers more and more widely, and transparent polypropylene is to meet this requirement of the main material, pp transparent bottle development Is a hot spot in recent years, plastic bottles at home and abroad. Highly transparent polypropylene container, with good transparency and gloss, appreciate the strong, popular. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, plastic bottles of materials used are increasingly rich.