The Recycling Of Plastic Bottles

- Jul 06, 2017-

Advocating low-carbon life, pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, has become a modern concept of life advocated. Take the plastic bottle for example, we all like to cycle

Use, but pay attention to environmental protection at the same time we also ignore some small problems, virtually good concept also brought a series of health risks. So we want to

More attention. So in the recycling of plastic bottles, what kind of knowledge? Plastic bottle manufacturers to tell you about.

Such as living in the use of more mineral water and other beverage bottles, these plastic bottles in the recycling of the time can not put hot water, or easy to produce carcinogenic substances. But we often see the food stalls and some roadside snacks, like to use this type of plastic bottles to store vinegar, or people used to store alcohol, which are particularly easy to make plastic bottles and stuffing things to react, the release of carcinogens The So the recycling time must pay attention.