The Application Of Blow Molding Process Is Becoming More And More Extensive

- Jul 06, 2017-

At present, the blow molding process is becoming more and more widely used, has become one of the fastest growing plastic molding methods. But the blow molding plastic products factory extrusion extrusion mold forming outstanding shortcomings is the extrusion blow molding products wall thickness uniformity is not easy to control, especially for large-scale complex products, due to the impact of the weight of the paris, in the parison Department will be thinning and shrinkage phenomenon.

To this end, in the plastic hollow blow molding process, parison wall thickness control is one of the key technologies related to product quality, its working principle is the use of electro-hydraulic position control principle to change the extrusion die forming gap opening to control type Blank thickness of the law of change, so that the hollow wall of hollow products uniform, save material.

After blowing the mold to produce the product, good quality, good stability, with a beautiful shape, solid structure, long life, elastic foot, impact resistance and so on.