Plastic Bottle Market Development

- Jul 06, 2017-

For plastic bottles, its main role is to pack the liquid, in fact, our plastic bottle manufacturers in so many years of operation, but also the main energy on the liquid packaging market development, plastic bottle design and innovation is also around the liquid The packaging is unfolded. The chances of solid packing are more in the hands of plastic bags. Therefore, the breakthrough plastic bottle packaging inherent thinking. Expand the market to solid packaging.

There are many forms of solid market, plastic bottles according to the different types of solid, design and development of different types of plastic bottles. For example, the solid powder, such solid packaging, usually in the pouring will be more trouble, this time the plastic cap design is reasonable or not, will directly determine whether the powder packaging is easy to use, whether to win the market Welcome. Another example, some relatively large solid products, to remove the convenience, the bottle size should be relatively large, wide-mouth class of plastic bottles is more appropriate.