Corona Virus Personal Protection Guide

- Mar 27, 2020-

Corona Virus Personal Protection Guide

How to do personal protection?

1, you must wear N95 or disposable medical masks when going out. Try not to go to crowded places or places with poor ventilation. It is recommended to reduce outings and party activities to minimize potential virus spreaders.

2. Washing hands frequently is an important precautionary measure. Care should be taken to maintain hand hygiene. Wash hands with soap or water after meals, coughs, or contact with animals, or use hand sanitizers containing alcohol

3, if you need to receive takeaway or express delivery, it is best to let the delivery person at the door, both parties reduce contact, so it is relatively safe. It is best to clean your hands in time after removing the courier or takeaway to reduce the risk.

4. Don't buy poultry or seafood from unknown sources. In addition, food must be cooked before eating. It is best to use tableware for disinfection.

5, appropriate and moderate activities at home can ensure good health. Appropriate exercise will release negative emotions, and it will definitely help improve the body's immunity.

. If you have any respiratory symptoms after coming into contact with a person who has fever or cough, do not buy medicines or take medicines. You should wear a disposable medical mask to the hospital in time.

In the face of the epidemic, we should maintain rational thinking. Reports on the epidemic situation should preferably be published through regular channels, without rumors or rumors. For the prevention and control of the epidemic, we must have the confidence and courage to overcome the disease, and believe that everything will be better.