What factors can cause plastic bottles to deform

- Jul 06, 2017-

There are various plastic bottles made of blow molded plastic products in our lives, bottles that are used for making beverages, bottles for pesticides, and bottles for Western medicine. They play a very important role in our lives. But sometimes they will be deformed.

We all know that the plastic bottle deformation phenomenon is generally because of the heat problem, if the bottle into the liquid or the object temperature is too high, it will cause it to deformation. That is what we call the hot filling lead to deformation. There are some reasons, that is due to miscarriage, weight loss caused by the deformation, of course, we can not rule out the negative pressure generated by oxidation will also cause its deformation, raw materials unknown impurities and the bottle will remain in the air of oxygen Oxidation reaction, then gradually lead to negative pressure and deformation.

Plastic bottles are made of plastic, so it is relatively fragile, we use it when it can not give it too much pressure, or it is a deformation of the normal thing.