The use of industrial plastic rice (3)

- Apr 03, 2018-

7, polycarbonate

(PC) High tensile strength, high flexural strength, good impact toughness and creep resistance, high heat resistance, cold resistance and dimensional stability, high transparency, low water absorption, good insulation and processing formability, Poor chemical stability Insulators such as gaskets, gaskets, bushings, and capacitors; instrument housings, shields; manufacture of signal and windshields, canopies, helmets, etc. in aerospace and aerospace industries

8, PTFE (plastic king)

(PTFE) Excellent chemical resistance, excellent resistance to high and low temperature properties, low friction factor, low water absorption, low hardness, low strength, low compressive strength, high cost, antifriction seals, chemical corrosion resistant parts and Heat exchangers and insulating materials in high-frequency or humid conditions, such as chemical pipelines, electrical equipment, corrosive media filters, etc.

9, polymethyl methacrylate (organic glass)

(PMMA) 92% transmittance, relative density half of glass, high strength and toughness, UV resistance, anti-aging, easy to form, low hardness, no wear resistance, easy to dissolve in organic solvents, heat resistance, Poor thermal conductivity, large coefficient of expansion cockpit cover, turret observation cover, instrument lampshades and optical lenses, bulletproof glass, television and radar mapping screen, automotive windshield, equipment and equipment shields.