The use of industrial plastic rice(1)

- Mar 30, 2018-

First, thermoplastics

1, polyethylene

(PE) High-pressure polyethylene is soft, transparent and non-toxic; low-pressure polyethylene is hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has good electrical insulation. High-pressure polyethylene: films, hoses, plastic bottles; low-pressure polyethylene: chemical equipment, pipelines , low bearing gears, bearings, etc.

2. Polypropylene

(PP) Higher strength, hardness and elasticity than polyethylene, low density, good heat resistance, excellent electrical insulation and corrosion resistance, poor toughness, non-wear resistance, easy to age flanges, gears, fan impellers, pump impellers , handles, TV (recorder) housings, and chemical pipelines, containers, medical equipment, etc.

3, PVC

(PVC) High strength and good corrosion resistance. Soft PVC, high elongation, soft products, good corrosion resistance and electrical insulation exhaust gas detoxification tower, gas liquid delivery pipe, centrifugal pumps, ventilators, joints; soft PVC: film, raincoat, resistance Acid and alkali hoses, cables, insulation, etc.