How to deal with waste empty bottles

- Jul 06, 2017-

Blow plastic products factory to produce all kinds of plastic bottles, have to say, plastic bottles do give our lives a lot of convenience. Ordinary bottle treatment is good to deal with, but if it is pesticide bottle how to deal with it? Pesticides with toxic, if not handled carefully, it is prone to accidents.

If you need to deal with a larger number of pesticide bottles, after a formal approach, it is generally to burn. As a result of pesticide bottles have a variety of materials, most of the material even deep can not be microbial degradation treatment, so deep is not a regular operation. If you need to deal with a smaller number of pesticide bottles: according to reason is not free to discard, but if you want to deal with the bottle to the professional company is not realistic things. Then it is best to use the bottle when the pesticide as far as possible to clean, such as you can rinse several times. The remaining bottle burned the best.