How to clean the inside of the plastic bottle

- Jul 06, 2017-

We all know that most of the plastic bottles are narrow above, the following is relatively wide, but also a small bottle, if dirty inside, it is difficult to clean, because our hands do not extend into the bottle inside, so it will cause inside The stains can not be cleaned. Plastic bottle manufacturers here to provide you with some methods, we may wish to try.

It is difficult to clean the plastic bottle. Can be broken eggshell, fine sand into the bottle, then add some detergent, shake the bottle vigorously, rub the liquid on the bottle clean up. In fact, you can also be wrapped around the chopsticks we do not use plastic bags , And then put some cleaning agent inside the bottle, put a little bit of water, so that you can put the chopsticks inside the bottle, and naturally removed the stains.