Hollow plastic bottle blow molding method

- Jul 06, 2017-

Different blow molding methods, due to raw materials, processing requirements, production and cost differences, in the processing of different products have different advantages. Detailed blow molding process let blow plastic products factory to tell you about.

Blow molding of hollow products includes three main methods: Extrusion Blowing: Mainly used for unsupported parison processing; Injection blow molding: Mainly used for parison processing supported by metal cores; stretch blow molding: Extrusion of a stretch of a blow molding, injection of a stretch-blow molding two methods can be processed biaxially oriented products, greatly reducing the cost of production and improve product performance.

In the plastic solidification, low pressure to produce low internal stress, stress dispersion is more uniform, and low stress can improve the product of the tensile, impact, bending and other properties.