Summer drinking water precautions

- Jul 27, 2019-

In terms of water quantity, the amount of water that drinks water in summer cannot be fixed. In order to ensure the water balance in the body, it is necessary to adjust the amount of water to drink according to the amount of water discharged from the body.

Generally speaking, in the high temperature environment in summer, the body's water discharge can reach about 3,300 ml. At this time, if a large amount of exercise is performed, the water discharge can reach 6600 ml. In other words, if you exercise, you must drink plenty of water.

Frequency requirements

Some people feel thirsty and drink water quickly, quickly, but this way of drinking is not reasonable. Xiao Bian tells everyone that a one-time, fast, and large amount of “cow drinking” seems to be chic. In fact, such drinking water will bring a bad burden to the human body. Drinking water is best adhered to the principle of a small number of times, and it is necessary to drink water actively, and do not drink water when you are thirsty.

Drink less drink

In summer, many people like to drink a variety of juices, carbonated drinks, etc., but these drinks are almost all sugar, too much drink may lead to high blood sugar, affecting the daily diet. Therefore, drinks should not be drunk, nor can they be used as daily water. It is best to drink boiled water when drinking water. Not only is the cost of boiled water low, but it is also very safe, pure and absorbable.

Water temperature should be appropriate

In terms of water temperature, many people like to drink cold drinks in the summer, and feel that cold drinks can alleviate the heat. In fact, studies have shown that cold drinks can only make the mouth cold.

It is best to keep the water temperature at around 10 °C. If the water temperature is too high, it will lead to faster metabolism of the human body, so that the moisture entering the human body can be converted into sweat and flow out of the body more quickly; if the water temperature is too low, or drinking ice water directly, it may cause gastrointestinal dysfunction and affect the health of the body.