In summer, how much water is normal every day. How many cups or milliliters?

- Jul 06, 2019-

In summer, how much water is normal every day. How many cups or milliliters?

The normal adult's daily drinking water (physiological requirement) is 3000 ml.

It is advisable to drink from 100ml to 300ml each time, not more than 1500ml, otherwise it will be excessive.

Since entering the summer, many people mistakenly believe that a large amount of drinking water can cool down the heat, doctors remind people that in the hot summer, combined with their physical condition and weather conditions, drink plenty of water, beware of excessive drinking water triggering water poisoning.

The doctor explained that after drinking too much water in hot weather, people will change the concentration of blood salt to a certain extent, which will cause changes in fluid flow inside the body, causing swelling of the brain, compression of the skull and other symptoms, causing "water poisoning", resulting in the human body. Damage. Some athletes drink too much water to effectively prevent heart failure, or some mental patients drink plenty of water to cleanse sin and toxins, which can cause "water poisoning." Doctors suggest that in doing a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling, we cannot rely solely on a large amount of drinking water to solve problems, mainly to establish self-protection awareness and highlight the following three points. First, it is necessary to avoid long-term stay in places exposed to high temperatures, minimize the amount of body water volatilization, and reduce the amount of drinking water. The second is to pay attention to combining your physical condition and exercise volume, try not to do strenuous exercise, and moderately replenish your body's water demand. The third is to pay attention to improve the structure of drinking water, drink a little salt water to ensure the salt content in body fluids and blood.

How much water is needed for one day? The amount of drinking water in normal adults is used as a calculation standard. The physiological requirement is 3000 ml, and the daily intake of water is about 1000 ml through rice, vegetables, soup and fruit. To this end, it should be supplemented with 2000 ml of boiled water. Some people in daily life like to drink tea, milk, coffee, juice, wine and other beverages. Even so, the amount of boiled water should not be less than 1000 ml. Older people should be around 4/5 of adults. Men are 10%-15% more than women. Because of their growth and development, their metabolism is more vigorous than that of adults. Therefore, the relative water demand is relatively high. It should be supplemented with 100-500 ml without thirst, which is in line with the demand.